Often the reason for sleep disturbance from back pain is due to sideways bending of the spine that compresses discs in the spine creating pain. I had an accident three years ago where I was leg pressing 200kg and the lever slipped and the weight compressed my spine causing significant pain. I woke every morning for around two years at 2am with pain and could not return to sleep. In researching spinal pain and writing the book “Fix Your Back” I worked out a memory foam mattress should help with the sideways pressure. The next day I went out to buy a mattress that was memory foam and the very first night I slept on the memory foam mattress I slept till 6am. I woke for the first time in 2 years feeling rested.
Every day I have patients who have bought new beds only to find they are still waking with back pain. Often spending thousands on the best bed they can afford. The Sports and Pain Clinic has teamed up with Sleep Systems to offer a memory foam mattress trial. I have slept on the Mazon Virtali MVX225 memory foam mattress and find it exceptional. My mum and siblings have also bought the same mattress and enjoyed the new level of sleep comfort.
We have a single mattress available for one week home trials. If you find that it helps your sleep you can buy the mattress (and base if needed) from the clinic. The cost of the trial is $200.00 and includes a bond of $100.00. The mattress will be delivered to your home by courier and collected for $100.00. If you decide to buy the mattress there will be no charge for the trial and your $200.00 will go towards your new mattress. The new mattress will be delivered to your home free of charge.
The picture below shows how the contours of the shoulder and hip in particular are absorbed by the memory foam and reduce any twisting of the spine.
Mattress trial is limited to the greater Wellington area (to Upper Hutt and Porirua).


A single bed memory foam overlay is also available from the clinic to try on your bed. Memory foam overlays can reduce pressure points and may be enough to improve your sleep disturbance from spinal pain. The cost of the trial is $200.00 and $200.00 is fully refundable on return of the overlay. You will need to transport the overlay from the clinic and return it in one weeks. If you decide to buy an overlay of whatever size this will be delivered to your home (free delivery).

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