Siofra Fogarty



Siofra is an Irish Physiotherapist who has been involved in sports her whole life, competing in Ireland in athletics, rugby and rowing at a national level. On her way over to New Zealand she hiked 3 of the Himalayan passes on her way to visiting Everest base camp. She also enjoys water sports such as scuba diving and surfing.

She graduated from Trinity College Dublin with an Honors degree in Physiotherapy and a post graduate certificate in Clinical Exercise. After graduating Síofra worked in a musculoskeletal based private practice in Ireland, where she gained experience treating pediatric, orthopedic, neurological and work-related injuries. Her main area of focus is musculoskeletal, treating athletes of all levels, in sports such as rugby, cricket, hockey, soccer, judo, horse-riding, gaelic, hurling, basketball, trampolining, track and field, boxing, golf, rowing and mixed martial arts.

While working in private practice Síofra became involved in research in Trinity College Dublin in spinal cord injuries. She is now one of 8 people in Ireland that is trained to independently use an exoskeleton suit, which is a device that stands and walks people with paralysis and other neuromuscular disorders.

Síofra is certified in Dry needling and is also trained in the “Mc Kenzie Method” for assessing and treating patients. She uses various treatment techniques such as deep soft tissue massage, trigger point release, myofascial release, joint mobilisations, manipulations, electrotherapy and taping. She specialises in neck and lower back pain, high level sport injuries and pre- and post- natal physiotherapy.

Síofra understands the athlete’s mindset and looks forward to helping you with your issues.