Dr Kanji performs all joint injections, tendon injections and bursa injections under ultrasound guidance to ensure correct placement of the injection improving both safety and effectiveness of injections performed. Injection options include saline/anaesthetic (for muscle), steroid (joints) and sclerosant solutions for tendon pain. The ultrasound is linked to two screens so that patients can see the ultrasound screen for a better patient experience. Dr Kanji has been performing tendon treatment based on research performed over the past few decades by Professor Hakan Alfredson of Sweden. A colour doppler ultrasound is also available that allows Dr Kanji to see the blood flow (the growth of new blood vessels which are abnormal) around the scanned area. This is the targeted area for sclerotherapy injections aimed to remove the abnormal blood vessels.
Dr Kanji has undergone specialised training in Toronto and San Diego in the use of ultrasound and also teaches ultrasound at conferences. Ultrasound scanning is excellent for diagnosing a number of injuries to specific areas, including: tendons, ligaments and soft tissue structures.
An initial appointment will include a brief assessment of your injury and medical history, an examination, and the use of diagnostic Ultrasound. You will then be taken through the findings and will discuss treatment options. These usually include: Physiotherapy (eccentric exercises), treating muscles and extra-corporeal shock wave prior to trying ultrasound guided injections

Shoulder tendinosis
Achilles tendinosis
Golfers elbow
Tennis Elbow
Finger/Thumb joint injections
Hip joint injections
Knee joint injections